Pop Up Play Success

Play Highland welcomed parents and their kids to come along to a free Pop Up Play event on Church Street, Sunday 12th March.

The Pop Up Play event was organised to encourage families to use the outdoors for recreation by showcasing the play potential in different environments.

The top end of church street was transformed into a multi-area play zone to create a rich environment for kids to play within a beach, park, woodland and street scene. There were performers and activities to engage the kids but focus was on loose parts play that isn’t prescriptive. Parents were inspired to think about how they could recreate the fun to continue the imaginative sensory play at home.

Adults were invited to comment on their own play memories. Cards were available for people to write on and peg up on to the memory line. Volunteers also chatted with adults and asked them “what did you get up to when you were young?” We’ve included some of the responses below, along with some pictures (thanks to Tracy Allan, Planit Scotland).

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Earthtime for delivering our event, and Planit Scotland for marketing.

“We’d be climbing trees, hiding under bushes, making a hideout. We’d be there all day.”

“Play Mobile. We had loads and played every day on the Play Mobile table. We’d play furniture tag – you’d be out if you touched the floor. We’d play out at the river. I broke bones climbing trees and fences. It was all part of growing up.”

“I grew up in Portugal. We would make cars (go karts) with old ball bearings and things. We would go down the hill on them. We had marbles too. Big competitions. We played 100% outside.”

“There was a building site nearby. We’d play in the builders’ sand. I lost my ring there one day and I found it the next day on the top of the sand! We were out on bikes. We’d go bramble picking with mum and dad.”

“Playing in the woods, paddling in the burn, riding our bikes down the hill and over a tree root – trying to get both wheels in the air. We’d play commandos crawling up the hill through the undergrowth, hiding from others.”

“I was at the ice rink all the time. I liked climbing trees. We’d sleep in trees. We had a tree with a hollow we could put a blanket in. We’d look for caterpillars.”

“Dens in the wood. When an early teenager we’d play armies – do a lot of exploring.”

“Horrendous things! I grew up in outback of Australia. I had to play on my own. I collected bones, well skulls from dead animals. I cleaned them up and ordered them. A sort of mammalian study! I also played lots of war games. I had hobbies, my mum taught me to sew and knit.”

“We used to throw the ball at the wall and count how many claps we could do before catching it. We used to have village parties and picnics. We’d play kiss chase! Once my brother caught me and had to kiss me. Disgusting.”

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